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Heat Africa Heating Solutions offers the latest in modern under carpet and under tile heating solutions with significant advantages over the out dated heating methods of the past.

Our underfloor and under tile heating solutions are controlled by a programmable or analog thermostat, which monitors and adjusts the temperature of the heating
24 hours a day, automatically controlling the room temperature to meet your lifestyle requirements.

We manufacture, supply and install all the following Under Floor Heating Systems;

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Looking for professionally installed or DIY Floor and under floor heating systems?

Why not contact Heat Africa for your heating requirements.

Our elements come with a 5 year factory backed warrantee for extra peace of mind!

Power saving tips for the winter

Choose a correctly designed heating system for a start.This will ensure a functional and economical heating system.

Don’t compromise on the wattage per squire metre, we recommend a 1000w per 12-14m2 area.

Always run the heating system on the lowest possible running temperature.(14 – 18 degrees celcius).

The positioning of the thermostats are important. Under carpet heating system should only be used when needed,its not necessary to run throughout the day. 

Don’t cover the heating system with loose rugs, over the floor medium(loose rug on top of tiles).

The idea of the heating system ,is to create a comfortable, living ambient temperature,where you only need to get rid off the “winter chill ” on the floor.

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