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Offering the client quality service and quality floor heating products, combined with quality installations that insures client satisfaction at all times

Manufactures, suppliers and installers of floor heating systems:

  • Under Tile Heating Products in Pretoria
  • Under Carpet Heating Products in Pretoria
  • Under Screed Heating Products in Pretoria
  • Under Laminate Wood Products in Pretoria
  • Thermostats/Controllers in Pretoria

Heat Africa Facts

    • We are proud of our manufacturing plant (factory) that’s SABS ISO 9001:2000 rated. dated 19 January 2006(Certificate no: LS 3665)
    • Heat Africa uses the latest technology available, all our conductors and thermostats are on European standards for the last 30 years.
    • Heating systems are cost effective and economical, controlled by a thermostat that monitors the heat, so that floor surfaces heats up rapidly where needed.
    • Heat Africa does not use any sub-contractors; highly trained staff are dedicated to quick, clean and high standard installation procedures.
    • Heat Africa can do repairs on any heating system installed by any heating company, faults are found 90% of the time, and usually only one tile needs to be removed.
    • Heat Africa’s personnel are dedicated to ensure client satisfaction at all times, and committed to after sales calls.
    • Heat Africa is known as a reputable, well-established and marketed company, that is growing daily to comply to the latest technology available.
    • Reliable heating systems are designed, installed and commissioned, for each client’s personal need, to inure lifetime durability at the lowest possible energy cost.
    • Agents are available country wide and growing year by year.

Product Facts

  • Our heating elements come with a 5-year factory backed warrantee, against manufacturing defects on all elements, and 2 years on thermostats.
  • All our elements are safety tested and fully waterproof, insulated with a E.T.F.E. (also called Teflon) outer jacket
  • Our elements comply with American Military Specifications.(Mil – w – 27759 D “wire”)
  • Test results, elements running & 200 oC for 120 hours constantly.
  • A product complies with latest amended SANS regulations.
  • Heating conductors are imported from Europe, and our extrusion plant is based in S.A.
  • Monitors are available for tiling cotractors,to monitor the heating elements while tiling commences.
  • D.I.Y. kits are available, as well as on site training for the handy man

Goodbye dry warm air,
experience comfortable warmth throughout your home,
and add value to your home.

Power saving tips for the winter

Choose a correctly designed heating system for a start.This will ensure a functional and economical heating system.

Don’t compromise on the wattage per squire metre, we recommend a 1000w per 12-14m2 area.

Always run the heating system on the lowest possible running temperature.(14 – 18 degrees celcius).

The positioning of the thermostats are important. Under carpet heating system should only be used when needed,its not necessary to run throughout the day. 

Don’t cover the heating system with loose rugs, over the floor medium(loose rug on top of tiles).

The idea of the heating system ,is to create a comfortable, living ambient temperature,where you only need to get rid off the “winter chill ” on the floor.

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