Solar energy and solar geysers in Pretoria

Heat Africa focus on solar solutions enabling clients to save on their daily energy consumption. Heat Africa supply and install Solar Geyser systems .Solar water heating is a simple process where Sunlight is absorbed via solar heat collectors, resulting into boiling water. No fossil fuels burning out in the process, no electrical consumption – Sunshine is free…Your roof facing North-North East exposed to sunlight is essential. There is two types of Heat Collectors available to warm water via natural sunlight.

Evacuated tubes solar geysers installs

Evacuated tubes consist of a long glass tube ,which consist of an energy absorptive coating inside the tube sealed of under vacuum, allows excellent insulating properties. This technology guarantee a maximum thermal output. Inside the tube a hollow copper rod is embedded in an heat absorber plate. The copper rod filled with a antifreeze liquid under vacuum, when exposed to sunlight the liquid rapidly warms up the condenser on the top end of the rod. The condenser connected into the manifold warms up the water circulating towards the Geyser.


  • Class leading efficiency
  • Aesthetically – low profile design
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Freeze Resistant
  • 10 yearwarrantee

Flat plate collector solar geysers

The flat plate collector consist of a aluminium powder coated frame & insulation, blue titanium technology heat absorber ,transparent tempered glass cover, the complete flat plate collector is sealed off, eliminating cooling on windy days. The inside of the collector, a copper manifold – consisting of 20mm copper piping. Cold water will enter at the bottom horizontal footer, pushing up in the vertical risers towards the top header. Warm water circulates towards the Geyser via a 12V DC Circulation pump.

Features of Solar geysers: 

  • Class leading efficiency
  • Local manufacturing
  • Aesthetically – low profile design
  • Corrosion resistant
  • 4mm – Hail resistant
  • Freeze Resistant
  • 5 year warrantee



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Power saving tips for the winter

Choose a correctly designed heating system for a start.This will ensure a functional and economical heating system.

Don’t compromise on the wattage per squire metre, we recommend a 1000w per 12-14m2 area.

Always run the heating system on the lowest possible running temperature.(14 – 18 degrees celcius).

The positioning of the thermostats are important. Under carpet heating system should only be used when needed,its not necessary to run throughout the day. 

Don’t cover the heating system with loose rugs, over the floor medium(loose rug on top of tiles).

The idea of the heating system ,is to create a comfortable, living ambient temperature,where you only need to get rid off the “winter chill ” on the floor.