Under Carpet Heating in Pretoria

With Heat Africa’s undercarpet heating, warmth rises evenly throughout the entire room with minimum heat loss, and no overheating problems. The system is effective within 20-30 min, and can be utilized whenever needed! Heat Africa offers a variety of heating blankets with different sizes and shapes to suite your personal need according to furniture lay out.

Consisting of an aluminium blanket covering both sides of the heating element, the heating system transfers heat swiftly. Aluminium is an excellent heating conductor which means a saving on your electrical bill. All elements are insulated with an E.T.F.E. insulation, thereby ensuring high heating resistance capabilities, mechanical strength, chemical resistance and a totally waterproof heating cable. Our heaters consist of a full metal earth screen and are connected to an earth leakage circuit breaker during installation, ensuring your safety against fire even when faults occur on the unit.

Installation Instructions:
Under carpet heating

Heating blankets are installed on top of the underlay. A good quality acrylic underlay of 1000gsm² should be used as this will also give your carpets a longer lifespan. The installation will take place in conjunction with the fitting of the new carpets. Heating blankets are positioned in the walkable areas of a room(prevent any heating blankets under flat bottomed furniture such as office desks, beds, cupboards, couches etc.). Once the installation is completed and carpets are installed, the client must take care that no loose rugs are placed on top of the carpet where heating blankets are installed as this can cause unnecessary overheating and discolouration of carpets.

Under carpet heating blankets will cover approximately 40-50% of the area.To assess the total wattage needed, the following formula can be used (total 2 room size m² x 100 watt).

Power saving tips for the winter

Choose a correctly designed heating system for a start.This will ensure a functional and economical heating system.

Don’t compromise on the wattage per squire metre, we recommend a 1000w per 12-14m2 area.

Always run the heating system on the lowest possible running temperature.(14 – 18 degrees celcius).

The positioning of the thermostats are important. Under carpet heating system should only be used when needed,its not necessary to run throughout the day. 

Don’t cover the heating system with loose rugs, over the floor medium(loose rug on top of tiles).

The idea of the heating system ,is to create a comfortable, living ambient temperature,where you only need to get rid off the “winter chill ” on the floor.

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