Under Tile Heating in Pretoria

Heat Africa’s undertile heating element has proven itself over the last 30 years in the European market. Combined with the latest advances in technology, this is a product you can only benefitfrom. The floor covering (tiles) warm up much faster (45-60 min) compared to 10 hours or more with conventional underfloor heating. Heat Africa’s heating system reduces energy costs by morethan 50% compared to older underfloor heating products.

Heating elements consist of a copper/nickel alloy combination, covered with an E.T.F.E insulation. Elements are available with a additional earth screen for applicable zones according to the latest S.A.N.S. regulations. Our extrusion line (factory) is SANS ISO 9002 rated.

Under Tile Heating:
Installation Instructions

Installed directly under the final floor surface such as tiles, screed, novilon and slate, thin heating cables (1-2 mm) do not alter the floor level. Heating elements cover approximately 50-60% of the floor surface. A 100% floor coverage is possible but not recommended.

For bathrooms, kitchens and offices the walkable areas are fully covered to prevent cold spots which can be unpleasant. These heating panels are custom built on site to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. Once the elements are spread evenly over the floor area, they are covered with a polyester fibre mesh followed by a mixture of self-levelling super screed and binder that contains a bonding agent.


Power saving tips for the winter

Choose a correctly designed heating system for a start.This will ensure a functional and economical heating system.

Don’t compromise on the wattage per squire metre, we recommend a 1000w per 12-14m2 area.

Always run the heating system on the lowest possible running temperature.(14 – 18 degrees celcius).

The positioning of the thermostats are important. Under carpet heating system should only be used when needed,its not necessary to run throughout the day. 

Don’t cover the heating system with loose rugs, over the floor medium(loose rug on top of tiles).

The idea of the heating system ,is to create a comfortable, living ambient temperature,where you only need to get rid off the “winter chill ” on the floor.

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